My Music

Schölze piano, inspiration for my music

I am a pianist (sometimes singer) and I love beautiful music. Mostly jazz, but I view jazz as a broad concept. Musicals, classical music, dance, theatre: anything can be(come) jazz. And I very much enjoy my wonderful Schölze piano from the 1930s, which I accidentally ran into, during my quest for the best piano in the world.

Over the last years, the long standing cooperation between Marinus van den Berg (writer) and Eva de Mooij (singer/songwriter) resulted in two books (with cd’s): ‘Verstilde Woorden’ and ‘de Vreugde van luisteren’. I have accompanied Eva on piano on both projects. These projects and the live performances that we do are very inspiring: it is a great joy to connect to an audience by playing/singing music.

The most recent project that I undertook was to support singer-songwriter Eva de Mooij with the release of her single: Een mooie zondag in oktober. You can listen to this beautiful song below: