The Elm of the ‘Beursplein’ Amsterdam

Iep voor Beursplein 5 - foto: Simon Lelieveldt

In 2017, the 130-year old Elm that stood in front of the Exchange Square 5 in Amsterdam was cut down. Financial History of Amsterdam has decided to repurpose this tree, in cooperation with foundation Stadshout Amsterdam (Citywood). The three will become an art collection consisting of a range of products and works of art.


One of the fruits of the tree is the so called “Iepencent” which translates als Elms penny. This is the Dutch name for the seeds of the Elm which spread around Amsterdam in May by the name of spring snow.

Simon Lelieveldt designed this coin, together with Eva de Mooij, to create a work of art which allows the public to hold Amsterdam (financial) history in their hand.

On October 28, 2018, during the Bergen Art Fair (‘Kunst10daagse), the first Iepencentjes were being minted on an old Belgian Mint Press, by Ron Peperkamp of the Art Reserve Bank.

Financial History of Amsterdam will exchange hundred of its coins for -as of yet- unknown memories and stories about the Amsterdam Exchange Square and its (financial) history. If you wish to be considered for such a coin, please send your memories, documentation or soundclip to simon(at)

Iepencent - Financieel Erfgoed

All other coins will be gradually be issued and sold via our website. Buyers should note however that by buying the coin you enter into the obligation to only pass that bit of unique Amsterdam history on for free. Any re-sale of the coin will render ownership immediately back to Financial History of Amsterdam.

—- Contributors to this unique ICO of Financial History of Amsterdam are:
– Simon Lelieveldt, founder of Financial History of Amsterdam and designer of the Iepen-cent; Elm cent,
– Eva de Mooij, design and artistic sounding board,
STADSHOUT_logo_Pantone1545_v3– Foundation Stadshout: Crisow von Schulz (founder), Willem van Oostveen (registering the trees) en Jan Paul Mulder (execution),
– Ron Peperkamp, Art Reserve Bank,
– Daan Simons, woodwork, furniture maker, actor, korrel100
– Walter Vree, furniture design and woodwork,,
– Tino Nooten, Art director/designer,
– Slagerij Veenboer Assendelt (cooling the coins in their freezer),
– Ilia ten Bohmer (film-editor/camera – minting the coin)
– Dick Min, Kunstminhallen property owner, Bergen NH.