Terms of use and privacy statement

Our terms of use and privacy statement (in Dutch, the binding version) can be found here.

What our terms of use briefly say is that you will:

  • acknowledge all intellectual property-rights with respect to the materials on this website and provide for proper references whenever applicable,
  • not excessively use, copy, paste or sell the articles, ideas etc on this website without our permission,
  • not hold us liable for any damages as a result of external links, resources etc.

As for our privacy statement: we comply with the GDPR by limiting the amount of personal data that we process, eliminating as much as possible the individual features (IP-addresses). We have our processor agreements in place with Google, Mailchimp and Yourhosting webservices and any requests can be addressed to gdpr@simonl.org

Should you receive an e-mail from our organisation that is not meant for you please notify us and then delete the e-mail immediately. We are aware that some spam bots may be mis-using our domain names and cannot be held accountable for the consquences of that.