What inspires me in my assignments is to help organisations balance the regulatory and business requirements in payments and banking. I see it as a challenge to find creative and robust business and compliance solutions that help companies execute their best business strategy and that help government institutions achiever their regulatory goals in the most sensible way. In the current regulatory context this includes the assessment whether formal litigation may be needed to find a balance and joint interpretation of relevant laws.

Innovation and regulatory complianceSimon Lelieveldt - payments and banking
My consultancy focuses on assisting new companies, trade bodies, regulated institutions and regulators with their understanding of market opportunities and regulatory and compliance issues.

The market is now witnessing a ‘war of the wallets’ as well as a technology driven emergence of virtual currencies and blockchain applications. New anti-money laundering legislation and prudential legislation for crypto-currencies is being rolled out in Europe while at the same time we see the central bank digital currencies emerging. The sheer number of innovations creates a wide range of possibilities, but also adds to the confusion.

At the same time there are new regulations such as the revised Payment Services Directive, the security recommendations of the European Supervisors, interchange regulations and further anti-money laundering directives and prudential crypto-regulation in Europa. These affect new players and existing institutions alike and provide opportunities for corporates and retailers to further optimize their business.

Finding robust solutions in this environment requires creativity, analytical thinking and a good sense for innovation dynamics in organisations and industries. This is what I bring to the table. My experience also allows me to look beyond the boundary of organisations to determine if formal litigation is advisable to ensure that supervision still occurs within the proper regulatory context (see article here).

Over the years I have gained experience in setting up programmes, projects and developing a business and regulatory strategy. I have done so in varying roles as projectmanager, trainer, coach, bank supervisor, policy-advisor, head of a department of professionals and compliance manager.

I am happy to further get in touch with you to determine if I could be of service to your organisation. You can also have a look at the services and assignments page to read about the typical clients and assignments that I do.